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About Salesforce Education Cloud

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

What can Salesforce Education Cloud do for institutions?

With Salesforce Education Cloud, institutions are enabled to capture a complete view of learners, from Prospect to Applicant, Student, Alumni & beyond. Using one integrated cloud platform for education, the entire institution can come together to create personalised learner experiences at scale. Which empowers institutions to move from siloed data to actionable insights, transforming learner engagements into lifelong relationships. It is the one-stop customer relationship management software to help you track all of your constituent relationships, from prospects and students to alumni and donors.

Salesforce Education Cloud is a powerful technology suite that provides solutions to drive learner and institution success. It is an outline for education institutions that includes solution sets for Admissions & Recruitment, Student Experience, Advancement, and Institution Operations.

A CRM like Salesforce allows an educational institution to have visibility into every aspect of its relationship with its student, from financial aid information to courses, grade data, and so on.

Another powerful Education Cloud feature is that it provides institutions with purpose-built education products and solutions, as well as the latest innovation from the trusted Salesforce platform such as robust AI, analytics, integration capabilities and so much more.

Salesforce for Higher Education has been focused on ensuring that education (more specifically, higher education at the College/University level) is connected by technology to enhance the whole experience. They strive to make life on an academic campus, uncomplicated, student-focused and connected in every aspect. They believe in preparing students for the future of work, fostering community-driven innovation, and bringing together institutions to reimagine the whole student experience.

Salesforce connects campuses with its cloud to facilitate all the services that a student in college needs, in one unified place. Plus, the cloud offers the options of personalised marketing and communication as well, so the colleges can engage with prospective students, current students, alumni, parents, and other stakeholders in a direct, real, and more meaningful manner.

Higher education providers are increasingly using Salesforce to engage, market, recruit, and retain students, alumni, and donors. As per a survey, 38% are using the ‘Education Data Architecture’ and 76% say that Salesforce makes doing their work easier. Innovative colleges and universities, including Queen Mary University of London, Said Business School Oxford, Leeds Trinity University have recently implemented Salesforce Education Cloud to help personalised engagement, and conduct AI-powered research.

About Creation Technology

Creation Technology is a Salesforce Consultancy & Product Development Company that specialise in Salesforce Education Cloud as well as the products & solutions that sit on top of the platform.

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