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Business Services

Universities are not all about Academic Services. Many provide business services, specialist consultancy, have incubators & provide research facilities. 

Business Services Enquiries.png

Business Services Enquiries

Salesforce can be used effectively across both academic & business services at a University. Manage Business Service Enquiries received from companies with Service Cloud functionality. 

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Single Cloud Platform

Salesforce can be used as a secure cloud platform across your institution. Staff can use shared contacts & gain insight information that they would not normally have access to due to data siloes.

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Contact 360

Gain a single source of truth & a Contact 360 with Salesforce. Gain visibility into contact information, affiliations, relationships, interests, marketing communications etc.

Innovation Hub Management.png

Innovation Hub Management

Many Universities have Innovation Hubs or Incubators for businesses growing out of the University. Salesforce can be used to manage Innovation hubs, office space, facilities, bookings, events etc.

Research & Innovation.png

Research & Innovation

Provide functionality across the institution for management of research & innovation. Provide collaborative functionality to staff members & report on key research metrics.

Business Communities.png

Business Communities

Extend access to Businesses via Salesforce Experience Cloud. Allow organisations to offer placements, request services, manage staff learning & credentials etc.

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