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Salesforce Admissions Connect

Admissions Connect (AC) is a product from Salesforce that sits on top of Education Cloud / Education Data Architecture. It is designed for Recruitment & Admissions teams.


Salesforce Admissions Connect (AC)

Admissions Connect provides Higher Education Institutions with functionality to receive and process applications from prospective students. Applicants can login to an applicant community, submit an application & this can then be considered by the institution as well as any 3rd party approvers that the organisation works with. 

Application Portal.png

Applicant Portal

Applicants are provided with access to an Applicant Portal which is based on Salesforce Experience Cloud. They can search for courses, create new applications, complete application forms, attach documents & submit applications for review by the institution.

Admission Processing.png

Admission Processing

Recruitment & Admissions staff are provided with a Recruitment Console where they can view all applicants & applications. Staff can view applications, accept or reject documents, provide review decisions & progress through a workflow to enrolled or rejected.

Approver Community.png

Approver Community

Many Institutions work with 3rd party experts to review & approve applications. Admissions Connect provides out of the box functionality to extend access to 3rd party reviewers via Experience Cloud. Share applications & documents securely for review.

Increase Recruitment
Collaborate with experts
Reduce Administration
Send Targeted Comms
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Admissions Connect Console

Admissions Connect comes with a console view for application processing. View applicants, applications, documents, decisions, reviews etc

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Salesforce Student 360

Admissions Connect supports the Student 360 degree view within Salesforce. By receiving applications on Salesforce rather than a 3rd party application processing system you are reducing data siloes and building up a rich picture of the applicant / student.

These data points can then be used to send ever more personalised & targeted communications via Marketing Cloud, helping to drive applications through the funnel & achieve higher enrolment rates.

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Academic Structure.png

Academic Structure

Admissions Connect sits on top of Salesforce Education Cloud / Education Data Architecture. This means that applications can be tied into specific Academic Program & Program Plan records within your Salesforce environment.

As soon as an applicant has been moved to an 'enrolled' status you can create a program enrolment for the student, start an onboarding process, relate to the student to core modules etc.

Salesforce helps to break down organisational siloes and improve the transition process from applicant to student.

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