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Faculty & Staff Experience

Extend Salesforce to different departments, faculty & staff at your institution in order to break down organisational silos & boost communication and collaboration.

Department Functionality.png

Departmental Functionality

Provide University Departments with departmental functionality for Recruitment & Admissions, Student Services, Alumni & Advancement, Business Services, Careers etc

Single Cloud Platform.png

Single Cloud Platform

Benefit from a single cloud platform across your organisation & a true 360 degree view of underlying Contacts. Plug in Enterprise wide Marketing Automation & Business Intelligence Tools.

Faculty Management.png

Faculty Community

Provide your faculty with Salesforce Experience Cloud and enable them to manage their profile, view upcoming classes, record attendance, manage document, provide feedback etc.

Staff Community (2).png

Staff Community

Extend Experience Cloud to wider staff communities to manage Human Resource records, log timesheets, submit expense claims, manage staff profile, collaborate in groups etc

Slack (2).png

Slack for Collaboration

Leverage the power of Slack & boost collaboration across your organisation. Support onsite & remote teams with real time communication tools which improve experience for staff.

Self Service (2).png

Self Service

Provide self service functionality to staff and members of 3rd party organisations via Experience Cloud. Share documents, collaborate in secure groups, create unique functionality etc.

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We provide services to Higher Education Clients aross the entire Student Lifecycle.

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