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OnLegal CRM & Matter Management for Salesforce

Transforming Matter Management with Salesforce

Salesforce Secure

Flexible & Scalable

Single Source of Truth

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Legal CRM & Marketing

Manage Intake, gain a Client 360 & close more opportunities with OnLegal CRM.

With OnLegal for Salesforce, Firms can manage opportunities, streamline client intake, gain a customer 360 view, create client question sets, create impactful 1:1 client marketing communications.


OnLegal CRM works seamlessly with OnLegal Matter Management.

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Matter Management

OnLegal Matter Management for Salesforce allows firms to manage every aspect of Matters.

With OnLegal you can create & manage Matters, manage Matter Tasks, Record Time via Stopwatch & Timesheets, record expenses, gain a true client 360, send targeted & personalised marketing communications, create question sets.

OnLegal Matter Management can be integrated with other tools for Payments, Documents etc.

Implementation Services

We offer a range of different implementation services for OnLegal, ranging from simple Quick Start Implementations to Bespoke Implementations where custom development is required.

Every organisations we work with is different & has different requirements. Some require custom integrations with legacy systems, some have complex data migration requirements, some want to achieve something unique that solves a specific problem. We can help no matter the requirement.

Turbocharge Legal CRM & Matter Management with OnLegal for Salesforce


Let’s talk about your project.

We provide services & products to Salesforce Customers across a range of Industries.

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