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Finance Integration

Integrate Salesforce with Finance & Accounting Systems such as Xero, Sage & Financial Force. Connect Payments & Finance Information to your Customer Data.


Salesforce / Finance Integration

Integrate Salesforce with Finance & Accounting Systems such as Xero, Sage & Financial Force.

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Xero For Salesforce

At Creation we have a Salesforce for Xero accelerator which can be used to connect Salesforce with Xero for the purpose of Invoice Management, Payments, Purchase Orders, Customer Data.

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Sage For Salesforce

Connect Sage with your Salesforce system to sync account records, products, invoices, payments, purchase orders etc. Streamline operations & improve the customer experience.

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FinancialForce Accounting is a comprehensive financial system that is natively built on the Salesforce Platform. Improve the customer experience & boost automation with the solution.

Why Integrate with
Finance Systems?

Sync Invoices - Users can create & send Invoices to customers out of Salesforce using automation features. Invoices are then synced with a Finance system to improve the hand off process from Sales to Finance.

Sync Invoice Payments - Account Management can gain insight into when invoices are paid & whether they need to chase for payment.

Sync Accounts & Contacts - Reduce inaccuracies in customer data between Salesforce, Account Management & Finance.

Sync Products & Line Items - New Products can be synced with finance systems as Line Items, potentially reducing errors.

Sync Bill Payments - Gain visibility into bill payments related to suppliers & 3rd parties.

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Our Finance Integration

At Creation we have worked on numerous Finance Integrations & we also have our very own Xero for Salesforce Accelerator package which can be used to integrate the systems.

We are happy to discuss finance integration needs & requirements. Every organisation we work with is different & has different reasons for wanting to integrate finance systems.

We are happy to discuss integrations with Xero, Sage, FinancialForce, AccountingSeed, Quickbooks etc.

Let’s talk about your project.

We provide services to Higher Education Clients aross the entire Student Lifecycle.

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