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Student Success Hub (SSH)

Student Success Hub is a product from Salesforce that sits on top of Education Cloud / Education Data Architecture (EDA). It is designed for Student Service teams.

Salesforce Student Success Hub (SSH)

Student Success Hub is a product from Salesforce that sits on top of Salesforce Education Cloud / Education Data Architecture. It provides student support functionality to advisers & students as well as appointment management. 

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Self Service Student Portal

With Student Success Hub, Students can login to a self service student portal where they can access support resources, submit & manage support cases, arrange appointments with advisers etc, all via a secure Experience Cloud login.

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Student Success Console

University Student Success Teams can access Salesforce to view Students, Support Cases, Alerts, Appointments, Success Plans etc. The intention is to align support teams to students in order to  increase student retention.

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Appointment Management

Student Success Hub provides functionality to manage appointments with different advising teams e.g. Academic Support, Health & Wellbeing, Financial Support etc. Easily manage appointments or walk-ins.

Increase Retention
Student 360 View
Support Students
Send Targeted Comms
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Increase Student Retention

With Salesforce Education Cloud, Universities can break down Institutional data siloes & gain a true 360 degree view of the Student. Data points are collected throughout the student lifecycle & every touchpoint can be recorded with Salesforce. 

Data can be put in the hands of your Student Success Teams, enabling better insights, more personalised support and more meaningful interventions. 

This helps to provide a better student experience & increase retention rates across the institution.

Gain Success Insights

Salesforce includes Advanced Reporting functionality as part of a Service Cloud license, however additional data & analytics tools can be used (such as Tableau) to gain even more insights which can then be used in support of increased student retention.

Provide Student Success Teams with data on Students, attendance rates, VLE logins, case status, support plans, appointments etc.

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